Car Fuse Box Has No Power

Car Fuse Box Has No Power - well i will give you the long story one day we turned the car off went back outside tried to start it and it just clicked got a jump drove home pulled in driveway and it just died tried to start no click no nothing batteries good starter is good per checking them started checking fuses and sees we are not getting power inside or out fuse boxes span class news dt apr 27 2011 span nbsp 0183 32 there is no power to fuse box but battery is good on the 2004 ford f150 4x4 is there a main fuse under the hood and where no head lights horn instrument dome or power to entire truck submitted 7 years ago the car runs but i have no interior li i have the exact same car and there are a lot more than just two wires going into the fuse box but if you are talking about the two cables that have a series of wires in them they bring power span class news dt feb 06 2010 span nbsp 0183 32 now that i had perfect.
lights all the way around my dad pushed in on a turn signal bulb with the lights on and cut out the power to the whole car i checked for power at the pwr terminal on the fuse box nothing fuse is fine but the prongs have no power to them help plz i have no power to some of my fuse panel reply 1 this is because you have a fusible link that is out which powers part of the fuse panel here is a i have checked my fuses and i cannot get test light to read power at the dtr sensor fuse on either side of the fuse fuse 21 there are others with that same condition what could cause this issue fuse is o k just no power at the fuse terminal span class news dt aug 11 2009 span nbsp 0183 32 no power in part of fuse box under the hood and inside the van checked all the fuses and some have power some dont chevrolet astro question start by checking all your fuses sometimes the main power es from the.
same fuse as the cig light or the power outlet check the fuses inside the car and also the fuse box under the hood jun 11 span class news dt nov 15 2015 span nbsp 0183 32 i have no power going to the fuse box need help great battery and all lights work car turn on when fuse box is jumped wire direct to battery i have power to the firewall after that nothing help 1974 dodge dart swinger 6 cyl car fuses and wiring chevy s 10 ford bronco ii eddie bauer miscellaneous vehicles why no power to fuse box this problem of no power to fuse box must be traced back as far as your power span class news dt mar 09 2009 span nbsp 0183 32 car will not start no power no lights e on the dash answered by a verified oldsmobile mechanic car will not start no power no lights e on the dash or inside light checked the battery is charged from the maxi fuse the power runs to the power distribution and the fuse panel.
if all fuses are lighting up with test light not all fuses will have power all the time some will only have power with the ignition on so you may want to double check that the key was in the ignition on position during your testing procedure if by no power to some of my fuses you mean that some of your fuses are blown why they have blown will need to be determined span class news dt dec 12 2016 span nbsp 0183 32 q i have a 03 ford expedition 4 6 liter engine with fwd had to change out the fuse box now i m not getting power to half of the fuses plus my check charging system light is on battery alternator is good please blown fuse replaced still no power ask question 6 if there is no power being detected immediately after the panel then the bad failed connection might be in the panel itself can i bypass an old fuse box and connect the service directly to the breaker panel 2 span class.
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